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This media has a double function as a means of advertising and to show the client for the product can be known by the public. Usually the media is placed in counter/cashier. Example : Standing banner, POP.


This media is media that has a flat surface & solid. For outdoor lighting is usually provided in the presence of light. It also can be attached of supporting media : stickers, digital printing, embossed letter, neon sign, painting or a combination of these several media. Advantages of billboard are available sizes vary, practical & economical, the quality materials.

Digital Printing

This media is a printing technique to obtain a product with millions of colors and can give a realistic image results. The advantages are : quick installation & production, submission of idea deliberately, the ability to produce the same products in large amount.


This media has a fuction to introduce the client promoted products & usually placed in front of the store/shop.

Advantages of banner are quick installation, can be installed temporary, very economical.

Urban Icon

Pos Security

Teralis Railing

Paving Block / Asphalt Hotmix